Do you need your essay, dissertation, thesis or manuscript

proofreading with care and precision?

A proofreader for your 1,500 words? 5,000 words? 12,000 words?

Or even 100,000 words?

No text is too large or too small.

As a former professional photographer, I have a very keen eye for detail. As a native speaker of English, with a background in French, a recent MA in TEFL (from the Linguistics Department, Lancaster University) and a growing base of satisfied customers, I always aim to produce the highest quality work. My prices are competitive and I can give you a quotation on request.

Please take a moment to look at some of my testimonials:

LK: I can't thank you enough for a tremendous job you've done for me. I am delighted and happy with the results. The text reads so English now, after you've worked with it.

ND: Obviously, it is a colossal job you have done.

YU: Thank you very much indeed for the proof reading. I really appreciate it.

ER: I'm really impressed by the speed and quality of the proofing.

OI: Thank you very much for your work, which is brilliant!

Dr Elena Semino (LAEL / Lancaster University Linguistics Dept.):

Thanks for proof-reading my manuscript so thoroughly and so rapidly: you did a great job!

Dr David Simm (LUMS / Lancaster University Management School):

Thanks for doing a fantastic job - very much appreciated!!

Dr Jonathan Culpeper, Professors Francis Katamba, Paul Kerswill and Ruth Wodak, and Dr Tony McEnery:

We thank Gerard Hearne for helping us prepare a major work on linguistics and the English language, amounting to some 250,000 words. His sharp-eye for clumsy phrasing, nonsensical sentences, dodgy examples, incoherent text and typos has saved us from much embarrassment. He turned around chapters remarkably quickly, and kept in close contact throughout the project. His general willingness to help and enthusiasm were greatly appreciated.

We strongly recommend him.

For all enquiries:


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